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David Popa is an artist born and raised in NYC. His interest in art spawned from a tight mentorship with his father Albert Popa who was one of the first Graffiti Writers in NYC and later taught him traditional painting at a young age.  

Popa's work as a contemporary figurative painter primarily focuses on the human psyche. Specific themes of an individuals psyche include ones internal dialogue, subconscious or pursuit of self-actualization. The result are often introspective figures that seem separate from time and space. His recent work has taken him outdoors in both urban and natural settings. In the urban context his works can be seen on walls from Boston, Norway, Greece, Finland to even Sri Lanka. However, his recent work in nature has garnered attention from viewers. By using biodegradable cellophane plastic clung to trees, Popa paints mysteries portrait installations that merge his love of photography, large scale works and nature all under a single genre. He currently lives and paints in Espoo, Finland with his wife and newborn daughter.

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